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A   Upscale Nail Lounge with so many perks!!! 

Why not    take advantage of the perks of getting your time & money worth. Do you    like getting pampered? Do you like discounts? Then you want to be a loyalty    member. There are so many perks of being a member… 

§ Loyalty Rewards: Every time you visit the lounge you will receive 20% off all services  for the entire year FY2019   ($20.00)

§ Loyalty Preferred:  Take a survey on your monthly   services and pay a flat rate for unlimited services for 30 days. Rates start   at $150.00 this includes 10% all events & unlimited beverages & snacks  (starting   at $75.00)

§ Loyalty Deluxe: Unlimited services from eyebrow waxing, 2 basic Manicures & 2 classic Pedicures complimentary beverages & snacks first insight on all   exclusive events with 10% discount. Half off one birthday service, weekend   cupcakes, Neck warmer with classic or signature pedicure. special rates on products. (Starting $150.00) (limited to one person only)  

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Pick the loyalty Program that best   works for your services

ü Loyalty Rewards 

ü Loyalty Preferred 

ü Loyalty Deluxe 

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